A spin-off of the series "Univer", continuing the story of the life of a young family of Sergeevs apart from the heroes of "Univer".

Who screams at night and sleeps during the day? Why would a young father rock an empty cradle? What can be stored in the refrigerator without jeopardizing male dignity? These and many other questions will be answered by the heroes of the series "SASHATANYA".

The heroes of the old "Univer" Sasha and Tanya graduated from the university. Now they have completely different concerns. The principled Sasha flatly refuses financial assistance from his father, the Rublev oligarch Sylvester Andreevich. Sasha's reality is an apartment in a high-rise building on the outskirts of the city, running errands in the office, a housewife's wife, a crying child and life from paycheck to paycheck ...


Country: Russia