Music, sounds, noises

Our music library contains tracks that are created specifically for professional use in films, TV shows, advertising, games, on television and in any other media. The Apollo collection brings together the best labels from around the world and represents a wide variety of musical genres, from classic to cutting edge indie.

The best composers from all over the world collaborate with us, who work in a variety of musical genres and directions. We will gladly take part in your projects and write unique soundtracks for you. If it is important for you to have an exclusive or you just want to be different from others, just contact us and we will be able to realize any of your musical imaginations.

Custom Work


World hits are expensive?

Many would like to use popular music, but are afraid of the high cost and do not know where to start. Someone thinks that this is a long and laborious process and refuses interesting ideas and great music. We have the ability to make the cleaning process as fast and smooth as possible. Our specialists have rich experience and good contacts in the music industry. We have experience of working with both Western stars and Russian (Soviet) musicians. We take care of all legal issues and help you clear your rights at a reasonable cost. If you want to use a well-known composition in your project, just contact us.

One of the important areas of work for our company is educational work, consulting services and training our partners in high-quality work with music. Our music stylists have experience in large international projects and know all the nuances of designing any media project, from commercials and trailers to feature films and television programs. After completing the training, you will be able to independently create the perfect musical atmosphere for your viewers and listeners. Licensing specialists will introduce you to the legal aspects of working with musical material, tell you about the main institutions and copyright societies, and teach you how to navigate copyright law. All this will help you avoid possible problems and unexpected costs.

Main directions:

– Basic principles of musical design

Music selection, compilation, sound effects, current trends and styles.

– Copyright and related rights in the music industry

Copyright and related rights holders, rights management organizations, copyright clearing, foreign experience.

– Licensing

Exclusive / non-exclusive licenses, types of contracts, scope of rights.

Music and media consulting