This story is about Viktor Gromov, a former bandit named Vitya Myasnik. In the mid-90s, his name alone made Moscow businessmen clutch their hearts, and competitors in a dangerous business - for their trunks. But over time, Vitya retired and moved out of town, away from the capital's traffic jams and the endless pursuit of ghostly happiness. This idyll is disturbed by the unexpected visit of Viti's former accomplices led by an authority named Arthur, who at one time led their criminal group. Arthur talks about the strong press on the part of law enforcement agencies and asks Vitya to overexpose the thieves' common fund on his offshore bank account. Vitya is not at all delighted with this prospect, but he has no right to refuse Arthur, since he owes him that he did not go to prison in the early 2000s. Vitya puts the common fund in his bank account and, at Arthur's insistent request, puts a password on the account, which only he knows. A few months later, Vitya receives a long-awaited call from Arthur. The hype died down. The money can be returned. But it was at this moment that a huge horseshoe that hung at the entrance to the farm falls right on Viti's head. After Vitya comes to his senses, he realizes that he has completely and irrevocably forgotten the password for the bank account. He realizes that no one will believe him, and for this reason he tries to escape. A few days later, in the mail car, Vitya gets off at the station called "Polar" ...


Country: Russia