The Last Bogatyr. The Root of Evil

There is peace and tranquility in Belogorie, evil is defeated, Ivan is enjoying a well-deserved fame. Nearby is Father Ilya Muromets, beloved Vasilisa in pre-wedding worries, Baba Yaga and Vodyanoy who have become friends, and small joys from the modern world: a generator, a microwave oven, a fan, a vacuum cleaner and much more to ensure a comfortable life - since the Infant Sword makes it possible to regularly cut a hole between worlds and run for supplies.

But longing for his native world weighs on Ivan. And he is even more concerned about the inevitable beginning of the Heroic Games - the congress of all the knights of Belogorie, where good fellows will show courage and strength. Ivan does not feel the same Bogatyr strength in himself, and he does not want to be disgraced in front of his father and bride. But here, the handsome hero Finist, who clearly sympathizes with Vasilisa, has more than enough power and beauty.

However, when, in the midst of the competition, an ancient evil awakens and the very existence of the wizarding world is threatened, Ivan has to unite with both old friends and new enemies. They have to embark on a long journey beyond the known world to discover the origins of evil, find a way to defeat enemies and learn how to bring peace back to Belogorie.


Country: Russia