The proverb says: "every cricket must know its six." Born a slave - a slave and you will die. But the year is 1700: the time of radical changes in the Russian Empire, the time of the great reformation of Peter the Great.

The young serf Ivan Starshov is madly in love with his master's daughter, Maria. He is not ready for anything to come to terms with the fact that the young princess is not a match for him. “You gave me desires, but you cannot achieve them!” Ivan murmurs against God. He appeals to the priest for help - after all, the Lord created people equal. But he echoes the saying - accept your share, accept it. In desperation, Starshov renounces his faith. Ivan is stubborn - he runs away from the village, deciding to take fate into his own hands. This is how the winding path of the protagonist begins to a true understanding of love.

Country: Russia