Spring 1942. Varya Semchenko, a pupil of the orphanage, escapes to the front, but she is returned back. The enemy is bombing the frontal zone. Pupils of the orphanage perish under the fragments, but Varya miraculously survives. On the way to evacuation, she lags behind the convoy and, in order to avoid the threat of arrest, takes the name of Anya's deceased friend. She successfully completes nursing courses and, together with her new friend Katya, goes to the front. But before that, the girls take an oath not to have romances in the war.

On the very first day at the front, the beautiful Katya falls in love with the young scout Mitya. Anya also fails to keep her promise - she is getting closer to the scout platoon commander Savely. But the girl is afraid of her feelings, because then she will have to admit to a lie.


Country: Ukraine