Real Boys

Real Boys Season 8 is a Russian comedy series. The story of the series tells about three bosom friends who have lived since childhood in a poor and dangerous area of ​​Perm.

In the new season, the main character Kolyan Naumov will become a star of mixed martial arts (MMA). The thing is that his son-in-law Sergei Oborin went missing while resting on his yacht. After 40 days of silence, the notary voiced a will to the family. It says that Kolyan can claim the inheritance, but there is one condition. Naumov should receive a champion title in MMA. In this difficult matter, he will be helped not only by the whole family, but also by the coach, as well as, of course, friends ... where without them. Will Naumov be able to overcome all obstacles and get not only the title, but also the inheritance of his son-in-law? ...

TV series

Country: Russia