Parental committee

Sergey Shmelev is an ordinary builder who one day finds out that his wife is cheating on him. As a result, the man decided to divorce his unfaithful wife and start raising his 12-year-old son on his own. To do this, he decided to become an exemplary father, and even joins the parent committee. However, unexpectedly, Sergei is faced with something that he could not predict in any way. The fact is that the committee is headed by his former classmate, whom Sergei made fun of during his school years. Now Sveta Surkova is not that gray mouse who was afraid to stand up for herself. At present, she is a strong woman who keeps her parents and even the headmaster in the "iron grip". Now Shmelev has to find a common language with Sveta, who remembers all the grievances she experienced. Under the circumstances, will adults be able to remain a good example for children?


Country: Russia