A year has passed since Meglin's death, but Yesienia cannot forget what happened. He cannot and does not want to. The ghosts of the past bring her back again and again to the day she lost Meglin.

Yessenya is trying to start living anew - her husband is next to her, her daughter is growing up, but all she dreams of is to return to work as soon as possible. Such a chance appears when a series of mysterious murders takes place in the city. Yessenya returns to the service and on the very first day again loses a loved one, his friend and partner.

She needs a method to find the killer. To find a method, she needs to revive in her memory everything that Meglin taught her. The search leads Yesienya to unraveling the secrets of the past. The heroine, who has not yet had time to recover from one nightmare, has to face a new one. But what if it kills her?


Country: Russia