Jesus Christ. Life and teaching

Where, in fact, was Jesus Christ born? Who were his parents? How did he study and why is there no information about almost twenty years of his life? People have always been interested in these questions. The first film of the 8-episode cycle "Jesus Christ. Life and Teaching" tells about who this most famous person on Earth was, because all the calendars of the world are chronically from the date of his birth. Research confirms that Jesus Christ was a historical person. And for believers, there is no doubt that he was a son of God. How is this possible and what does it mean? What is the relationship between the divine and human nature of Jesus Christ? What is the gospel really, and why are there discrepancies in the four gospels? The Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, a renowned theologian, Metropolitan Hilarion, devoted years of his life to the study of this. The answers are in his new documentary television research.


Country: Russia