Liberated and boorish Nastya is a dance teacher and toastmaster, a modest Valya is a psychologist and an English teacher. They are a little over thirty, and they seem to be like everyone else. But one still lives with her mother, the second with an unreliable boyfriend, with whom she has constant scandals. They met under strange circumstances - in a monkey house at the police station. After listening to each other's stories, the girls decide by all means to help their friend change her life, without asking whether she wants it or not. But it is this intervention that helps them understand that, in fact, both of them are unhappy, and it is time to do something about it. But to understand does not mean to change. This path turns out to be not so easy. In pursuit of happiness, they constantly stumble, step on the same rake, aggravating the already piled up problems with their personal life, work, and parents.


Country: Russia