In a cage

The Evdokimovs' father and son are returning to Kaliningrad at the same time: Sergei, nicknamed Volchok, was released after seven years in prison under Article 228; his father, Alexander Evdokimov, fled to his hometown from problems in Moscow.

Sergei, returning home, does not understand how to live on - he discovers that his mother has finally drunken herself, and Olga's former love was no longer waiting for him. It seems that only the younger brother Zhenya is happy to see Volchok. And Dealer is a former classmate who, in the few years that Sergey spent in the colony, has risen from a simple huckster to a middle-class mafia.

From the moment father and son meet, the story of overcoming family trauma, pain and addiction begins. They have to choose between duty and love, between life and death.


Country: Russia