Guests from the Past

"Guests from the Past" is a new comedy series by STS TV channel with elements of science fiction. The series "Guests from the Past" will take you to 1982, where Professor Matvey Piotrovsky creates a time machine. In the course of unsuccessful scientific experiments, his apartment is divided in half. One part remains in the eighties, the second falls into modern reality and the era of the Internet. In our time, the living space is shared by businessman Sergei, his wife Svetlana and daughter Christina.

In the TV series "Guests from the Past" (2020), you will see many funny situations that happen to the characters. The layering of two times deprives each of the families of access to the second half of the apartment. The situation is aggravated by the presence of Pasha, the professor's grandson, who waited 38 years to prevent one tragic event.


Country: Russia