Games People Play

The history of industrial construction in Russia is a long journey of trial and error, as a result of which a real stone jungle has grown in megalopolises - multi-storey residential areas, knocked down in a chaotic manner into agglomerations of little use for a comfortable life. Microdistrict buildings have thrown out of the lives of residents of large cities courtyards, which served as a place of rest.

According to the leaders of the construction market, who shape the image of modern cities, the home for a person of the 21st century should become the place where you want to return. The house should charge a person with energy, give the opportunity to relax and even ... play.

The game protects us from daily stress and helps us recover. This discovery of psychologists gave an unexpected impetus to one of the most interesting modern trends in landscaping, called Playability. The film will describe in detail how this principle is implemented in a variety of modern projects.


Country: Russia